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We want the world to see your talent!


In every neighborhood across the United States, there are talented musicians that local fans might consider Icons, Neighborhood Icons, who still have yet to be discovered by the rest of the Country or even within their own State.  

Neighborhood Icon® looks forward to eventually becoming a coveted brand within the music industry by creating a unique social marketing network that will support the largest music competition to date.   Neighborhood Icon® will empower musicians with an online web page that will allow them to communicate with fans, earn income and grow their careers as artists.  

Neighborhood Icon® plans to launch an online music competition within each of the 50 states for Country, Pop, Rap, Rock and R&B.  The competition will be open to all unsigned or non-exclusive bands and individual artists with original music who reside in the United States.  Neighborhood Icon® is designed to find, sign, manage and develope music icons under one brand.  



Do You Have What it Takes to be #1?




Clifford Lynch


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